Awesome Sweets at Candytrix

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Last week at school we did our Enterprise project. Everyone was really excited to be able to work in groups on the project and I was with my best mates Morgan, Henry and James. We all got £3 from school to start a business.

We set up a small business called CandyTrix and we were going to sell sweets. My mum helped me with really complicated spreadsheets to work out the cost of the sweets and the profit that we could make. It involved lots of weighing and eating sweets :) We planned to make 300 bags of sweets as we reckoned that if everyone in the school bought one at least we would have enough bags, so we needed a lot of sweets. In fact we needed 24 kgs of sweets and that’s loads.

I got 2 sponsors for the business, the first being Click n Mix which is run by my Mum and Dad’s friends Dom, so a big thank you to them for sponsoring some of the sweets, and then I managed to convince my Mum that Bronco should sponsor the rest. What better than free stock to start with. We designed posters, labels and badges all with our logo on and the sponsors names and got the posters all around school. Before the Enterprise week started people already knew who CandyTrix was!

It was great fun packing all the sweets and the whole house smelt of sweets that day. We got 300 bags made up and the week began. We sold about 50 bags on the first day, 80 on the second day and about 150 on Wednesday and totally sold out. My brother Miles also had a few bags to sell at his school too. When we had sold out on Wednesday we had a great idea and went and got some biscuits and on Thursday and Friday sold about 90 bags of biscuits too. I think we got nearly £200 in total but we are waiting for the teachers to tell us the final amount.

It was really great doing Enterprise week and it’s really helped me understand lots about business and when I grow up I want to run my own business and make lots of money :)

How to Play Minecraft – Part 1

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When you first start Minecraft you need to go to the nearest tree and chop it down and you chop it down by holding down the left button on your mouse, and eventually you will collect a block at the bottom of the screen and you can click 1 on your keypad, and you will see that you have a block in your hand.

Then press E it will open a screen with a person at the top, and you will see that down the side of him is his head, body, legs, and feet that is where your armour will go. When you have seen that look right from that and you will see four boxes put your wood in there and something called wooden planks will come up next to the four boxes.

Now click on your wooden planks and put all four of them in all of the squares and to do that you will have to right click in every box and again something will pop up in the corner and that is called a crafting table.


Wooden Planks

Crafting Table

Also read Part 2 for instructions on how to use a crafting table.

Cool Modern Warfare Infographic

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This is awesome!!

Brought to you by Modern Warfare 3 News.
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Playing the new Call of Duty MW3

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The new Call of Duty game Modern Warfare 3 is great and I have played it loads this week on the Xbox. Me and Miles work as a team when we go online and are pretty good at getting loads of points and we can often beat our Dad on the game.

The new MW3 I think is better than Black Ops and MW2 and I really like the new maps. Its a bit confusing at first when you are playing on a new map as you are kind of lost, but them you get used to it. I have found a couple of cool hiding places on the new maps to get some good sniping action in. I really like the new Kill Confirm game where you have to collect the tags to actually get the points for the kill, and I love doing the deny kill.

I hope that I get lots of time to play modern warfare 3 on Sunday afternoon after rugby, and maybe I’ll even be able to play some tomorrow after getting back to the seaside.


I Joined Moshi Monsters

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At my school most people said was a really good game. I did not hear the people say it but one night my brother came home and went on moshi monster. I did not know what it was about so I asked and he told me. A few days later I went on it and I thought this is a really good game. But my brother was a member so I asked my mum and she said my room had to be more decorated so I worked really hard and she said it was enough and put membership on my account. Now I am going to show you pictures of moshi monster stuff.

This is the logo that you will see on the first page.

moshi monsters

And this is one of the moshi monsters and as you can see his name is katsuma


I will show you some more right now. This is zommer as you can see he is a zombie.


This is furi this is the one I’ve got if you want to this is my name on it ejn24 furi is the best.


There is another one his name is diavlo.


This is poppet I like this one because my friend has it.


This is the one that I do not like it is called luvli.



Happy Birthday to me

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Its my birthday today, so I am now 7. As part of my birthday present from my Mum and Dad I got Christiano Ronaldo 100 club Match Attax cards … how cool is that. I’ve been wanting that card for ages as its the only one with 101 attack and 101 defence.

I also got an Umbro target practice goal, some WWF wrestlers, books and money. I think I’ll be getting some more presents later too.

Match Attax cards Miles needs

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Miles has got his list of the match attax cards that he needs on his blog, so check out his wanted match attax cards. He needs lots of man of the match cards like i do.

Thank you to Joanne for sending me 2 cards which really helps get my collection finished.

Match Attax Swaps – my full list

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I have finally sorted out all of the cards that I need to finish my Match Attax 2008 / 9 book. I only need 2 1 more normal player cards to complete my teams … but i need lots of Man of the Match cards.

Team Cards
West Ham Hayden Mullins
Wigan Henri Camara
Man of the Match
Aston Villa Gareth Barry
Blackburn Morten Gamst Pedersen
Roque Santa Cruz
Bolton Gary Cahill
Matthew Taylor
Fabrice Muamba
Chelsea John Terry
Nicolas Anelka
Everton Joleon Lescott
Phil Neville
Fulham Bobby Zamora
Hull City George Boateng
Nick Barmby
Dean Windass
Liverpool Jamie Carragher
Steven Gerrard
Man City Vincent Company
Martin Petrov
Man United Wayne Rooney
Middlesborough Stewart Downing
Newcastle United Fabricio Coloccini
Michael Owen
Portsmouth Lassana Diarra
Jermain Defoe
Stoke City Andy Griffin
Liam Lawrence
Dave Kitson
Sunderland Craig Gordon
Carlos Edwards
Tottenham Jonathan Woodgate
Luca Modric
West Ham Mark Noble
Dean Ashton
Wigan Mario Melchiot
Wilson Palacios
Emile Heskey
Hundred Club
Man United Cristiano Ronaldo

I got Owen Hargreaves today

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How exciting, but today after school Miles had got me Owen Hargreaves from one of his friends for my Match Attax collection to try to help me finish my set.

So i now just need 5 normal players to finish my teams then i can work out what other cards i need in the special sets.

Match Attax Cards I need

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These are the Match Attax cards that I need to get my team pages finished.

manchester united
owen hargreaves

darren bent
david bentley star player

west bromwich albion
leon barnet

west ham
hayden mullins

henri camara

If you can do any of these as a swap then let me know