How to Play Minecraft – Part 1

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When you first start Minecraft you need to go to the nearest tree and chop it down and you chop it down by holding down the left button on your mouse, and eventually you will collect a block at the bottom of the screen and you can click 1 on your keypad, and you will see that you have a block in your hand.

Then press E it will open a screen with a person at the top, and you will see that down the side of him is his head, body, legs, and feet that is where your armour will go. When you have seen that look right from that and you will see four boxes put your wood in there and something called wooden planks will come up next to the four boxes.

Now click on your wooden planks and put all four of them in all of the squares and to do that you will have to right click in every box and again something will pop up in the corner and that is called a crafting table.


Wooden Planks

Crafting Table

Also read Part 2 for instructions on how to use a crafting table.

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