I Joined Moshi Monsters

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At my school most people said www.moshimonsters.com was a really good game. I did not hear the people say it but one night my brother came home and went on moshi monster. I did not know what it was about so I asked and he told me. A few days later I went on it and I thought this is a really good game. But my brother was a member so I asked my mum and she said my room had to be more decorated so I worked really hard and she said it was enough and put membership on my account. Now I am going to show you pictures of moshi monster stuff.

This is the logo that you will see on the first page.

moshi monsters

And this is one of the moshi monsters and as you can see his name is katsuma


I will show you some more right now. This is zommer as you can see he is a zombie.


This is furi this is the one I’ve got if you want to this is my name on it ejn24 furi is the best.


There is another one his name is diavlo.


This is poppet I like this one because my friend has it.


This is the one that I do not like it is called luvli.



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  1. Elise Rothwell Says:

    this is amazing i love the pictures just wish the katsuma was bigger! :)
    these r brilliant for my brother and his mates cheers x

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