Match Attax Swaps – my full list

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I have finally sorted out all of the cards that I need to finish my Match Attax 2008 / 9 book. I only need 2 1 more normal player cards to complete my teams … but i need lots of Man of the Match cards.

Team Cards
West Ham Hayden Mullins
Wigan Henri Camara
Man of the Match
Aston Villa Gareth Barry
Blackburn Morten Gamst Pedersen
Roque Santa Cruz
Bolton Gary Cahill
Matthew Taylor
Fabrice Muamba
Chelsea John Terry
Nicolas Anelka
Everton Joleon Lescott
Phil Neville
Fulham Bobby Zamora
Hull City George Boateng
Nick Barmby
Dean Windass
Liverpool Jamie Carragher
Steven Gerrard
Man City Vincent Company
Martin Petrov
Man United Wayne Rooney
Middlesborough Stewart Downing
Newcastle United Fabricio Coloccini
Michael Owen
Portsmouth Lassana Diarra
Jermain Defoe
Stoke City Andy Griffin
Liam Lawrence
Dave Kitson
Sunderland Craig Gordon
Carlos Edwards
Tottenham Jonathan Woodgate
Luca Modric
West Ham Mark Noble
Dean Ashton
Wigan Mario Melchiot
Wilson Palacios
Emile Heskey
Hundred Club
Man United Cristiano Ronaldo

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  1. Ethan’s Match Attax cards that he needs Says:

    […] Ethan has sorted his full list of all the cards that he needs to finish his Match Attax book, he has put them all on his blog … so you can see the players Ethan needs for his Match Attax swaps. […]

  2. joanne Says:

    hello ethan i have lots of spare cards my step son is getting me to sell them on ebay but i have so many iam sure i can sort you some out,free of charge. if you ask or mom or dad to check out my ebay, my name on ebay is joanne261266.i have only a few listed on ebay but send me a list of the most needed cards you want , i will be willing to help you complete your book , as it will be a shame for most of these cards to go to waste. but due to safty surf the net please get your mom or dad to email with the cards you are after see what i can do for you . kindest regards joanne

  3. Josh Says:

    Mine are all listed on this site – if you want to take a look…

  4. Debbie Says:

    Hi Ethan
    My daughter has so many duplicate cards I’m sure we may have some of the ones you need. Like Joanne ask Mum/Dad to email you’re missing ones and we’ll see if we can help.
    Good Luck Debbie

  5. Luke Says:

    Ethan – I have Henri Camara as a swap if you still want him. The only thing is I dont need any normal cards now. If you are willing to swap for a star player then let me know.

  6. James Says:

    Hi Ethan!
    i have henri camara,
    would you be willing to swap him for a man of the match?

  7. Ethan Says:

    Thanks Luke for sending me Henri Camara … I now have all of the Team cards collected, and so has Miles as my mum got his Dave Kitson Star Player from Ebay.

    @James thanks for the offer, but I have him now. Do you have any other swaps?


  8. David Nudelman Says:

    That’s great! I wish I had a blog when I was age 6 and could sort out my NBA card collections like this. Aged 9 I have a Borland DBase database with all the cards I had to trade, so I could print it to make it eaier, but you… you rock Ethan!

  9. Liamnlucy Says:

    Hi Ethan
    Which normal cards do you need to complete your set?? I have loads that i can send to you. Do you need any star players?? My brother (Liam) is also collecting and needs lots of MOM cards too.

    Lucy and Liam

  10. Ethan Says:

    I have all the normal team cards including the star players … just needing MoM cards now

  11. fgfgfgf Says:

    i need a list of match attaxs

  12. nathan fisher Says:

    Hi i have got cristiano ronaldo 100 club in swap so i will swap u him for petr cech 100 club

  13. daniel Says:

    hi ethan i have fabrice muamba motm do you have any motm to swap please

  14. jimmy Says:

    Hi, i have thousands of swaps from 2007/08 and 2008/09, you can visit my blog and send me your list of wants and i will try to help you out. thanks Jimmy

  15. Gary Says:

    Hi Ethan
    Not sure if your list is up to date but I’ve got Palacios, Lescott and Terry MOM’s I could swap with you.
    Email me what swaps you have and I’ll have a look.

  16. kieran burgess Says:

    Hi, I have Roque Santa Cruz, Emile Heskey and Wayne Rooney, if you can swop for Dean Windass and Carlos Edwards

  17. maany Says:

    i have bbby zamora man of the match but it doesnt have sharp corners which card are you going to give me for him

  18. maany Says:

    i mean bobby zamora man of the match

  19. maany Says:

    i got fabrice muambba man of the match but its got no sharp corners im afraid

  20. Ian Turner Says:

    My son Marc (6) would love Steven Gerrard he has Jonathan Woodgate as a swap. Hope you can help him.

  21. maany Says:

    i got ferdinand hundred club if you want him

  22. maany Says:

    i got antonio valencia man of the match

  23. maany Says:

    i got paul robinson man of the match

  24. Leo Says:

    Hi Ethan… I don’t know if you have got Christiano Ronaldo to swap or not… could you let me know please and who you need to swap? I’ve got all of them except Ronaldo and Rooney

  25. luke Says:

    i got elano if you give me caloz tevez

  26. LOUIS Says:


  27. waz Says:

    hi ethan i hav got all da 100 clubs 5 times i wont swap them though

  28. waz Says:

    havnt realy ive got torres 100 club and ill swapfor gerrard motm

  29. John Nichols Says:

    My son wants a Ronaldo one hundred club and he has lots of the cards you are missing – he could give you lots of cards in exchange for it

  30. thierry says Says:

    i have got chris brunt michael owen jeraine pennant rooney in star player fabregas petr cech for carragher john terry wayne roony neville

  31. Chris Harries Says:

    Hello Ethan, I have some from your list. They are John Terry, Nick Barmby, Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Andy Griffin and Mario Melchiot. Please e-mail me if you would like these cards.

  32. Chris Harries Says:

    They are all Man of the match cards so can I swap these for six cards of your swaps that I need. Just e-mail me and I will tell you the ones I need. Thankyou

  33. dn Says:

    ive got rio ferdinand hundred club three times

  34. dn Says:

    ive got garth barry man of the match in double and martin laureson man of the match and ashley young man of the match and brede hangelend man of the match

  35. maany Says:

    i got steven gerrard man of the match

  36. mat Says:

    yo ethan. I have petr cech hundred club so im sure we can sort somthin’ out!

  37. Lee Bushell Says:

    Hi Ethan

    Have you got a list of “doubles” that you’re prepared to swap in return for those that you are after ???

    Both of my sons are collecting and we have a whole range of doubles, so we may be able to help each other !??!?!?!

    Please let me know ASAP.

    Best Regards

  38. eddie Says:

    or could i have any doubles of mom and frank lampard star player

  39. Basil Says:

    Hey, my name is Basil.

    im looking for limited edition cards ND Mn of the mTCH Crds. do u possibly have doubles?? i have all the team cards u need.

    Pls mail me.
    Kind regards.

  40. martin baldry Says:

    i have gary cahill,phil neville,emile heskey,zamora,barmby,elano,melchiot,noble,heskey and defoe.i have finished my collection and i am willing to sell you them for 9.75.if you are intrested please email me.

  41. daniel Says:

    hi what cards do u need i have got lots selling them for very chep


  42. DAVVII Says:

    Hi i got a mullins ill swap you for terry man of the match

  43. DAVVII Says:

    I got normal Ronaldo ill swap you for gerrard man of the match

  44. noel Says:

    i hav completed all my match attax and i hav a lot of swaps so i can send u sum if u give me my address

  45. Tommy Says:

    Hi Ethan,

    I have the Complate normal set of matchattax 08/09 witch i want to sell.

    What normall card do you need ? and ill sell it to you for a pound


  46. Aidan Says:

    Hi, my name is Aidan. I have Theo Walcott limited edition for Rio Ferdinand 100 club if u want to swop.

  47. Daniel Says:

    hi i have 300 + match attax if u tell me what ones u would like i will do a deal with u

  48. william dillon Says:

    ha ha ive completed match attax

  49. MATHEW Says:

    Hi i have got over 200 cards to swap so if your interested in swapping any i need torres/gerrard hundred club and ten man of the match the names are

    andrey arshavin lee bowyer lee carsley sean davis

    kevin davies graham alexander michael essien

    tim howard leighton bains steve mouyokolo

    kolo toure robinho nadir belhadj steed malbranque

    sylvan ebanks blake

    please let me know asap please. thanks matthew

  50. tom Says:

    Hi Eithan would you swap heskey man of the match for carlos edswards man of the match

  51. skye Says:

    does any one know were i can swap my match attax 09 10

  52. robyn Says:

    hi ethan this is robyn in your class 3sw i set you this email on friday 22nd january 2o10 have a nice

  53. Felix Says:

    the best card i have is steven gerrard ad my favourite is tmm cahill i-card

  54. David Says:

    Hi i have been swaping match attax 09/10 on ebay/community/groups/match attax swaps 2009/10 tradingcards.
    I have done many swaps for my son who still needs a few moms benni mcCarthy, robbie Blake, petr cech leighton baines and arron lennon if anyone wants to swap check it out or post here and i will check back in a few days.
    b.o.l with your collection

  55. Adam Says:

    I have Steven Gerrard club captian defence 86 attack 93
    I also have Jhon Terry club captian defence 91
    attack 33.

  56. rickpal Says:

    hi who do you want torres and steven gerrad for swap

  57. ben Says:

    Now i have pele 100 club for brazil, and dider drogaba man of the match!!!!!!!!!! pele’s attak is 101 and defence 101 i think it’s the best card in the world. BUT how ever, dider drogaber’s attack is 99 and denfence 99 and the team is ivory coast so beat that if u can

  58. arjan Says:

    yo ethan but you now me its Arjan do your best to get all your match attax!!

  59. Liam Says:

    Hey Etho I Have multiple of swap just pm and ill see iff i have him.

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